10 Tips for Packing for College You May Not Know (Part 2)

In case you missed Part 1, I am sharing some tips on making college move-in day easier!

4. Bring meals just in case. If you have food allergies, restrictions, or preferences, it's super important to bring some meals you can throw together the first few weeks of orientation/classes. I know there might be awesome gluten-free, vegan food at the cafeteria...but often the cafeteria isn't even open those first few days before classes! Even if you can eat everything, it's still a good idea as you have no idea when restaurants and grocery stores close in the beginning. (Plus, when everything is new and unfamiliar, it can be really nice to have one of your favorite granola bars!)

5. Don't haul all your makeup. I have read one too many horror stories about roommates damaging or stealing makeup...it's just not a good idea to bring all of your makeup to school. Even if everything's cool, you really don't have space for it (trust me on this...)! Try to put all your essentials in a small bag for easy application when you first get to campus and the rest in a separate bag you can get to later. When you get back home, the makeup you left will feel brand new and exciting again.

6. Get a full business casual outfit for presentation and interview days. Whenever I talked to people or read articles about prepping for college, I heard about yoga pants and bunny slippers in class. I figured with jeans and a shirt, I'd be ahead of the game. NOPE! Get ready for a lot of group presentations where you'll need to work that business casual look. (I don't know if my school was particularly weird but it wasn't uncommon for groups to dress all in the same color to present a unified look...so you might want to throw in that bright yellow blouse you got on sale. Or get better at persuading people on a color you do have!).

7. A first aid kit is a must. Just Tylenol, bandaids, & a thermometer will either help you or make you a hero to someone else! I know it totally seems like overkill (aren't there CVS stores everywhere??) but you probably don't want to run out for a bandaid when you nick your finger slicing a bagel. This is basically present you being awesome to future you, so don't forget!

Part 3 soon! If you have any questions or comments so far, hit me up in the comments!