Friday Inspiration: Choose Happiness

I recently saw this post when scrolling through Instagram and have really tried to take it to heart:
Choose Happiness
Image Source @Missychrisycharms

Sometimes "choosing happiness" for me means not taking myself so seriously, or to look at the bright side of a situation. If you're negative, you can make nearly any situation bad---you're either waiting for it to get even better OR you are waiting "for the other shoe to drop".

One of the professors I had in college called this the "bugs in the beach house" effect. You may have a wonderful family and friends and a job that allows you to afford (and visit!) a beach house, but there will always be something. It might be literal sand bugs that make your week or two unpleasant-or a lot of traffic on the way home. His point was that you can't wait for a situation to be 100% perfect to enjoy it.

How will you choose happiness in the coming weekend?