Friday Inspiration: Motivating Music

Before that big audition, interview, moment, music really helps me to get in the right frame of mind to kill it. Throw on your earbuds, get on power posing!

Brave by Idina Menzel: You know her from "Let it go" but this song is also really powerful. Watch the video to see some awkward dress unraveling...rewatch to sing along at the top of your lungs. Despite having a ton of success on Broadway, Idina has struggled with stage fright. Still, every night, she gets out there and does it. Personally, it helps to know that even someone so talented can get nervous! 

- King of Anything by Sara Bareilles: Brave just doesn't do it for's a little too preachy and eh musically. King of Anything is about making your own choices and living your own life. Love Sara and love this song for motivation. 

- Moving Too Fast from The Last Five Years: This is from one of my favorite off Broadway shows (and will soon be a movie with Anna Kendrick!). This entire song just makes me smile and perfectly encapsulates that feeling after a risk pays off. Although you don't need to know the musical to enjoy it, The Last Five Years is amazing and you should go listen to it!

-Strut My Stuff from the Love Willows: A song that seems to be mostly have disappeared from the Internet but is a fun, quick song about confidence.

What are your favorites?