Guardians of the Galaxy & Lucy Review

I was super pumped to go see two movies I had been looking forward to this week: Lucy and Guardians of the Galaxy.
Collecting all these tickets in a huge jar

I know people hate on ScarJo but I am a huge fan. Even in crappy movies like Nanny Diaries, I feel like she always plays a 'character' rather than herself. Unfortunately, in Lucy, she's a monotone weirdo and it didn't work for me.
Oooh spindles of light!
Lucy is an expat in China who is forced to become a drug mule. When the drugs start leaking within her body, her mental capacity goes beyond the 10% normal people have, and all hell breaks loose. Morgan Freeman is a professor who acts as a friendly framing device for the audience. 

First of all, the movie is super beautiful; I'm not a super visual person and I was stunned by how amazing it looked. Still, I think there were a few gimmicky choices made that didn't work for me-"cells in your body" graphics and 2-3 second clips of animals in the wild went on for forever.

Plot-wise, it's pretty dark and terrifying. Full disclosure: I screamed twice in the theater (yes I am a wuss). There's less "oooh she has special abilities WITH HER MIND" and more "let's cut out some organs to retrieve drugs". If the whole "using 10% of your brain" issue irritated you in the trailers, (without spoiling it), it is basically the crux of the movie. I also was a bit disappointed with Lucy's characterization. Even when she has 50% more mental capacity than anyone on earth, she has a man explaining what happened to her! C'mon now.

I figure this movie will have a long tail on Netflix, etc, worldwide, but I wouldn't recommend seeing it in theaters.  

This is Bright Abbott?

I pretty much love huge blockbuster comic films and Chris Pratt, so Guardians of the Galaxy was a must. I liked it, but I think the next movie will be AMAZING.

As an actor, Chris Pratt is so close to being a great wise-cracking action hero, but isn't 100% there. Bradley Cooper as Rocket was pretty perfect, and the soundtrack is full of 70's hits. No complaints on the 3-d or direction.

I read in a recent interview with Zoe Saldana that she requested to have more scenes and lines as the main female force in the movie. To be honest, this was my first thought during whole stretches of the movie. It tries to do too much-introduce Peter Quill, explain a fierce civil war, and then explain a sister rivalry. All get kind of mishandled. I feel like a lot of issues could have been solved by moving the backstory (and the part of the end that ties into the backstory) to the second movie.

In terms of tying it to the other movies in the universe, I don't think you *need* to see this the way you would Iron Man 2 or Captain America Winter Soldier. There's only a few threads between the stories. Also, don't stay for the's only 6 seconds long...just check Youtube!!!

Have you seen either of these movies? What did you think?

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