Money Tip Tuesday: Is InstaEDU a scam? (& 3 Tips for InstaEDU)

One of the best tips I've found through reading personal finance blogs is: Always have a side hustle. This way, you can treat yourself to this 'extra' income for fun and (if need be) use for emergencies. Unfortunately, most side hustles like blogging (cough cough) or babysitting can take a while to really get going. Today, I'm going to talk about a really great website called InstaEDU that is a great side hustle for recent college graduates!

InstaEDU is a telecommuting tutoring site that pays $20/hr to tutors, and costs $24/hr for students. The site is set up so that you can use their video and audio platform to talk to students, although I've found 99% of my lessons are through text chat. The best thing is that you can decide to tutor whenever you want without having to find your own clients! Depending on the time you spend on the site, you can either use it for a quick $20 here or there, or the $400-800 a month some tutors make. I've used InstaEDU for a while now, and really think it's a great side hustle!

To get started, you have to submit an application certifying your background and complete a very short tutor training (10-20 minutes). It took a few weeks for me to get certified in 2013, and I have heard that it takes longer now. I would suggest throwing in an application, and checking out the tips below!

Tips for Instaedu:
1. Fill out your entire profile with a clear headshot photo and your areas of expertise. Keep in mind that most students are from high school to college level, and that you can talk to students beforehand so expectations are clear on both ends.

2. Learn to be a better tutor with books and practice. Some of the biggest things that improved my tutoring were practicing mock sessions and reading tutoring handbooks.You get to run through potential scenarios without that panicky feeling! Although telecommuting tutoring can seem "easier", it can actually be harder to be sensitive and communicate well without the use of gestures or tone of voice.

3. Come up with a feedback system. Building off the last point, it can be hard for a new tutor to tell if you are really helping a student, or just "helping" them with the answer to this particular assignment. Many students on InstaEDU (especially compared with other tutoring sites) will rate you on how helpful you are after the lesson, so it's important to check in with the student. At the tutoring center I worked in during college, I saw a ton of different styles from tutors to check in that worked. Develop your own style and experiment to see what works best!

If you want to get started, it'd be really cool if you could sign up under my affiliate link, or not. Good luck potential tutors!

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