OOTD 8/6

Today was an amazingly pleasant day. I started my day with some homemade waffles for breakfast, and was able to end the day by seeing Lucy! (I'm a huge ScarJo fan so I had been looking forward to seeing it for weeks!)

OOTD Purple Shirt
This is one of my absolute favorite blouses. When I was younger and less careful, I would throw this in the dryer without a second thought. Still, this inexpensive shirt from Charlotte Russe somehow survived and looks like the day I got it.

These black shorts are the longer capri/Bermudas I modified (pictures coming soon). While I think the "idea" of the outfit works (black shorts + colorful top), I think the fit is a bit off. Next time, I am going to wear a looser top to contrast the tighter/structured shorts. Since the shorts can look like cargo shorts gone wrong, I have to be extra careful with proportion to make it look intentional.

Last, my Betsey Johnson wristlet also has some purple 'splotchy' circles, so I think it helped to pull the look together!

(Top: Charlotte Russe (old, similar), Shorts: Calvin Klein (thrifted & modified, similar), Shoes: Old Navy Flipflops)
& None of the items are c/o or affiliate-linked.