Sunday Night Wrapup: Book Suggestions

Listening: Warning: top 40 music recommendation coming your way (I know, I know...not very cool BUT such is life) Shower by Becky G is 100% earworm summer fun. Good beat, not offensive to women, and you can sing along. I literally don't know what else I could want in a top 40 song. And soon you too will "la dadee dadeeeeeee singing in the shower"...

Reading: Just finished Stoner by John Williams...Wow, it was dark! If you're a fan of Revolutionary Road like me, I think you'd enjoy it. Otherwise, it is a pretty depressing examination of the drudgery of everyday life. I will definitely be reading more from this Cult Books list (perhaps with a scheduled fun outing immediately after). Already the Cult Books list has been better than most recommendation services & media outlets, so I will be looking to it for another book soon.
Doing: I just did the first day of Couch to 5k yesterday, with C25k (Android) on my phone. I don't want to be one of those people who start a new exercise routine and pretend to be experts/forever changed, so I will be reserving judgment/more writing about it for a bit.
Check out: "What do you get for a $5 logo?" I have some friends who work in graphic design and have worked with professional graphic design companies before, so this was very interesting to me. Granted, the author is from a competitor tackling the higher end of the freelancing market, but I think there are some good general points here. I've seen the same thing with writing...people will pay $5 for an article about their business and are shocked (!!) when it has been stolen or is awful.

What's Next: Looking forward to blogging about some of the amazing independent jewelry artists out there! I have to get some great photos to showcase them all!
What have you been up to? I'd love to hear what's on your mind!

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