Sunday Night Wrapup

Eating: THIS Peach Crumble Cake is amazing. Like, knock your socks off, died and went to heaven amazing. This is the best dessert I've eaten after becoming allergic to dairy, and it has a relatively simple list of ingredients! If you are hosting a dinner, this is a great option for vegans/dairy-free/people who like things. (can you tell I liked it?)

Reading: An article about self awareness and meditation. Though it can be hard, self-reflection is the way to improve. This builds nicely off Tim Ferriss' "no complaining" technique: if you must complain, you have to come up with a way to address your complaint. For example, instead of whining about traffic, you might say, "Traffic during my commute drives me insane, but I could make use of that time by listening to an audiobook or calling a loved one".

Listening: I've Got a Theory from Once More with Feeling (Buffy): OMWF was in my headphones at work after I read more about season six from Joss Whedon. He said Season Six was an exploration of the "troubled times" of your twenties when your friends turn into something different and life isn't what you expected. Since Sarah Michelle Gellar was so 'together' and confident as a person and as an actress, she couldn't portray the depths of feeling he wanted. I'll definitely keep that in mind during my next rewatch!

What are you obsessed with this week?

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