Thrift Goggles: A Study in $13 Shorts

I have to share an issue I dealt with a few weeks ago...Don't worry, it's only temporary...

Thrift Goggles were strong with this one
Yes, for the price of 3-4 normal pairs of shorts at the thrift store, I was sucked in by these unremarkable $13 Calvin Klein shorts. It was something about how it was the start of summer, and these were "practical" for life/work/play. Now, I've come to realize that practical is the basic death sentence for clothes. (In retrospect, I feel like practical is only ever used in connection with bad clothes on sale) If you love it, you will say it is a "basic" or a "must have", not a "practical" item.

 When I first put them on at home, I knew something wasn't 100% right. On my body, the below knee length seemed to be the problem. Shorts should look like shorts, not like pants cut in half. No problem, I thought. Just fold up and cuff, then sew it together. 
These pants look bad, but they can be cuffed...
Unfortunately, it didn't help. As you can see below, these cargo pants don't fit and have gigantic pockets even if they are cuffed perfectly. These look great if you don't care how you look and feel like wearing a shorter version of grey sweatpants. (Yes, I went there). 

I'm going to help you all by sharing some tips to avoiding thrift goggles:
1. Bring an honest friend. You know who will tell you that those pants don't work, and who will lie straight up to your face. Choose wisely or regret your wardrobe!

2. You must love it. It doesn't matter how cheap it is if you never wear it. Do you want to wear it out of the store? If not, really consider why not.

3. Look at the details. Pockets, trim, and heavily worn areas. I found an amazing leather jacket that was PERFECTION except for the tiny hole I spotted in the arm...that I realized was a gigantic slit ready to be torn with a large arm gesture. Once I saw that, I had no regrets about putting it back. It can be easy to get caught up in deals, but examine thrift store items as carefully (if not more carefully) as normal store items.

What are your biggest thrift store fails? Let me know so I don't feel too bad...