Tip Tuesday: Get Ready Quicker with a Soundtrack

One of my best tips for getting ready quicker each day is a soundtrack. Once you use the same soundtrack for a few days, you will realize any systematic issues with your morning routine and/or when you need to hurry up! It is also much more pleasant than continually looking at your clock/phone for the time.

1. Don't choose your favorite songs, especially for the first song in the soundtrack, as you will start to associate it with waking up. Dancey top 40/indie pop is great for me to start the day, but anything with a fast tempo should be good.

2. Try to associate your routine with parts of songs/song length. For example, you may only want to take 2 songs worth to do your makeup, or 5 songs to check your email. If you get distracted easily and want to force your mind to change gears, you may want to switch up the genre between songs.

3. Reassess after a few days. When I was first in college, I realized it took me a lot longer to do my makeup as my supplies were kept in cosmetics bags. By taking out my essentials and leaving them on my vanity, I was able to get much quicker. By taking a look at your routine, you may find ways to shave off 1-2 minutes off multiple parts. Even though it seems small, those 10-15 extra minutes of sleep add up!

What are your tips for getting ready quicker?

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