Does Conditioning Before Shampooing Work?

I just caught the headline in my email from Refinery29 a few days ago: Why You Should Condition Before Even Getting Into the Shower. Okay, why not try this?

I took a standard sample-size conditioner and diligently ran it through the ends of my hair. I waited 30 minutes, then shampooed, and conditioned again. Right before and right after the shower, it really did feel like my hair was getting smoother and softer!

After the "newness" of this technique wore off, I'm not so convinced this did anything other than waste some conditioner! My hair is maybe a bit softer, but it's really not worth it the extra time/product to do this! I have wavy, thick hair, so it may work differently for other types of hair.

Try it if:

-You love the smell of conditioner: Using 2x as much product means that you really can smell it by the end of the shower.

-You are okay with wasting some product/time for the hope of better hair.

Don't try it if:

-You hate mess. It's almost impossible not to have some conditioner on your shirt or bathroom floor, so be warned!

-You don't have time. It takes an extra 30-45 minutes, not to mention extra cleanup time.

Not all experiments can end well, but overall I don't regret trying it! Tell me if it works for you!