OOTD: Blue Dresses in September

If I was a normal blogger, I'd be all "this summer was so moderate, but now it's a bit warmer in September!"
I'll just be straight up and say it is SUPER HOT now! I've got every single window open and am thinking cool thoughts. 
This dress is another one of my all time favorites and I almost didn't even buy it! I bought this dress at the same time as two other dresses, and really thought about returning it. After seeing the photographs of myself, I think I actually like this dress pattern better than those other 2! 

I also have some good news-I will be hosting a giveaway of some makeup items I have saved. If you are a fan of Sally Hansen nail strips and/or fake eyelashes, stay tuned! I am super excited to make someone's day, as other people have made mine! 

Have a great day, Meg