Ralph's Italian Ice on Long Island Review

Ralph's Italian Ice Review
If you're headed to Nassau County on Long Island for ice cream, I have one big suggestion for you: Ralph's Italian Ice. I know people in Philly are obsessed with Rita's, but that's basically nothing compared to Ralph's. Really, I wouldn't joke about this.
Quick, not super expensive, and located all across Nassau County, Ralph's has a ton of flavors and combinations. My favorites (before I realized dairy and I don't get along) were/are Birthday Cake, Graham Cracker, and Cookie Dough. So good!
If you are vegan/allergic to dairy/lactose-intolerant, Berry Burst is my new jam. (except, it's Italian water ice, not jam at all). It's one of the few milk-free ice-cream substitutes that doesn't make me think longingly of ice cream. If you prefer your Italian ice to be more watery (closer to a syrup ice), the best ones are black raspberry, cherry, and pina colada. TRUST! (The others are fine, except for rainbow. It can just taste like mush).
If you've gotten this far, I will let you in on a secret. Ralph's has probably the best soft-serve vanilla ice cream you can get anywhere. Straight up, it's basically amazingness in a clear plastic cup.
Hope you are having a wonderful day, Meg