Sunday Night Wrap-up

Hey everyone! It was only a short break, but I'm baaaack! 

Listening: Trevor Hall's Chapter of the Forest was my "Surprise CD" prize from HitPredictor. I had never heard of this guy before, but his reviews on Amazon are amazing. Maybe a little too amazing, if you get my drift...? I am listening to it now, and am honestly not seeing the uniqueness. Fine to throw on in the background, but not anything worth 5 starring.

Reading: Under the Banner of Heaven: Really interesting read so far (1/3) about fundamentalist Mormons! I also had started Black Swan but felt 90% of it was poorly explained behavioral economics and cognitive psych. Open to any suggestions...

Deals: This $5 off paypal deal. It just hit the Freebie sites a few hours ago, and by all accounts seems legitimate. For just giving your email, you get a $5 coupon from Paypal. Since I have gotten a $5 coupon in the past, I gave it a shot! Tell me if you decide to get the deal too!

What's new with you?