Sunday Night Wrap Up

Reading: CTRL ALT DELETE by Mitch Joel. Already, this book has really changed my perspective. It's hard to explain in a paragraph but it's all about this transition period to a digital world. While some businesses still can get away with being offline *now*, what will happen very soon? How will you add value and create meaningful business connections in the next 5-10 years? I am totally fascinated and am reading through his book recommendations now!

Watching: How to Get Away With Murder (free on Google). I love the first seasons of Shonda Rhimes' work, and HTGAWM's pilot is awesome, too. Law students killing people (this happens in the first two minutes, I wouldn't just spoil you like that) + law students proving themselves through ethical-ish means. Plus, loving that it's set in Philly!

Short Read: How Bill Hader Went From Production Assistant to SNL to Leading Man: I was not a fan of Bill Hader until I read this. In this article, he lays out his path to fame, and admits he got on SNL way before he was "ready". The first step to getting good at something is to suck at something, as they say. (Isn't it great when famous people admit that they are not amazing?)

Doing: Lots of bonus days at the beach and excited to be going to a taping of The View tomorrow! I heard it's Alicia Keys and the two stars of Selfie. Hope it's fun and I will report back!

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