Sunday Night Wrapup

Hello everyone! This week has been super busy for me, so I am really pumped for the Labor Day holiday!

Reading: I just finished Me Before You. I don't remember where exactly I heard about this book first, but it's been all over magazines and blogs as a must-read. A young woman, fired from her job at a coffeeshop, begins to look after a paralyzed man. All seems to point towards romance and a search for meaning in this crazy life...unfortunately, this book is not that at all. SPOILERS AHEAD: Basically, the man has decided to kill himself in 6 months, and the woman goes out of her way to try to prevent him. Days before his 6 month deadline, she confesses her love. The man is basically like, "That's really sweet of you, but I'm still going to kill myself as life is not worth living without control". He had a loving family, financial success, and then a loving caretaker (if not partner), but control was what he needed. Yes, because "life" is known for control! The novel could have gone so many other ways, so I was really disappointed.

Watching: Amazon Original Pilots. Last year's crop was pretty terrible to me, but I'm hoping for a new favorite. So far, I don't really see how The Cosmopolitans spins into a long series...and Really is much more about parenthood than the description implies. I couldn't even get through Red Oaks, and now am watching Hysteria's Episode 1

Playing: Wii Sports. Just pulled this out a week or so ago to play with friends and it is so FUN! I can't believe I forgot how awesome it was for so long. Downside: my arms are super sore today...

What are you obsessing over this week?