Sunday Night Wrapup

Watching: The Bond movies! Other than the Daniel Craig ones, I hadn't seen any of the others (I know!). As a self described movie buff, I decided to rectify that this week! The first was a pretty decent light movie, but the second was slow. Very slow...especially compared to modern day movies. Will be watching more this week!

Reading: North and South from the Billfold Book Club (free on Amazon as an eBook). I just started but there's already some drama and romance. I am super excited to read the rest.

Doing: Watch Repair! Somehow in my head, this was a lot more complicated than it ended up being! I will put up a quick DIY for replacing a watch battery if you too are a noob. ;)

Loving: hosting my first giveaway! I am so happy to see so many entrants and to make someone's day a bit better last Friday. Super pumped for the next one....(hint: Kate Spade!!)

Thinking: thrifted sportswear...yay or nay? I am a bit iffy on this, but I am wondering if I am being crazy. I wear thrift store dresses and is it any different? Let me know what you think!