Tiny Buddha & Soul Pancake

After subscribing to a lot of self improvement newsletters, most get repetitive real fast...

"I did xyz to feel better, and it should work for you, too..."

"I made my life better with this 1 trick nobody will believe!!"

I found Tiny Buddha and its Daily newsletters are very different. You get two writers a day, ensuring there will be at least few things that speak to you. It is less about the speaker (and individual actions) but more about approaches to life in the abstract. I have already saved three of the last seven newsletters, and highly recommend it if you have space in your inbox!

The other site I have tried is SoulPancake. I have nothing against motivational quotes written out over an image (in fact, I quite like some & post them on Instagram!!). Their Facebook account just never goes beyond that, which I think is disappointing for a site with such high goals.

Are you subscribed to any motivational newsletters? What do you think about them?