Watch Repair: How to Find Your Battery

Lately, I've gotten a bit obsessed with watches. Luckily, some friends and family have given me some of their watches! Some of the batteries don't work, but I am a strong independent woman who can change watch batteries...and you can be too! Wooooooooooooo

First, take off the strap if you have a slip-through strap. This purple watch used to be on a scarf-type piece of cloth, so I just pulled it through. Now, I have a shot at seeing the back of this baby.

Find Watch Battery Number
Okay, next flip your watch over and look for a number directly in the center with three digits at the end. For most, that three digit number should start with a "3". In my case, it was 33-344, so the watch battery is "344". If you are on a desktop, you can double click the photo below to see it better.
Find Watch Battery Number
Then, to get your battery, you just need to head to a drugstore and match up the number you need with the battery. If you have a quartz movement from a major American manufacturer, it's about $4-5 for two batteries.

The only thing I would say is not go online for batteries: I am usually 100% for online shopping, but you really don't want to mess around with off-brand batteries. One of my friends and I have both bought batteries that didn't work from Amazon-and the shipping was almost as much as taking the loss.

The next step in the series will be how to replace a battery! It's totally not as scary as I expected, and totally doable within 10 minutes. Just figuring out the battery and picking it up will take more time. Until then, xoxo!

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