What is shopping your closet?

A few years ago, I overheard my mom's friend saying she was "about to shop her closet".

Hold up.

How does this work exactly? Does that mean flinging everything on the floor while trying things on? Or waiting for things to go on clearance?

She explained that it wasn't anything like that. At the end of the season, she took out all her clothes and pieces out of her closet. She then would make a point to rearrange them in new ways.

All along the way, she tries to create ready-made "outfits" and makes notes to what is she missing. She used the example of not having a statement necklace she had seen in Instyle, but she did have a similar neon bag (hey, I did say this was a few years ago!)

Since that conversation, I have tried to do this myself. I now shop my closet and really try to consider everything before I buy something new.

1. If there are any pieces looking a bit used, I see if there is any way they can be refurbished or repurposed in a new way. A little bit of leather cleaner or polish can make boots look brand new!

2. Swap with friends! If you are getting rid of things to the thrift shop, consider swapping with friends. That scarf you kind of hate now may be on a friend's "must haves" pinterest board. I just did this with a friend and got a near-brand new watch that is dead-on for the Timex Weekender I had been about to buy! Money in the bank!

3. If you must go shopping, keep a running list of what pieces are missing and what pieces are always disasters in your wardrobe. Do your blazers and jackets need shells? Or do you need a light jacket for fall and spring? On the disaster end for me is a certain style of ruched dress (cough cough) that just doesn't look good on my body. I have tried with a few types of fabrics and designs, but overall, just something I have to actively avoid when shopping.

So that's shopping your closet! Are you inspired? What stops you from shopping your closet?