Why bother with microtasks?

On the side of what I normally do, I engage in little tasks like Bing Rewards and HitPredictor. On the surface, it can seem like it would take forever to get anything good from these sites. Here's why *I* bother:

1. It's activities I would (more or less) do anyway. I normally do a ton of google searches anyway, so switching to Bing and getting a giftcard once a month is painless. Same thing with HitPredictor-I like listening to new music so it's not a pain for me. There's a ton of microtasks out there, so I just choose the ones that appeal to me.

2. It's not as slow as you might think. When I first heard that Bing Rewards paid out 2 gift cards a month, I did some quick mental math. Starting out, there was no way I could anything that soon. Luckily, there's usually some kind of amp-up tier if you are a heavy user of a service (ie, you get a discount for getting a $25 gift card, or it may become easier to get a $5 gift card, after experience on the site). Not every website will be a winner, but it's good to give it a fair shot.

3. It adds up. This is probably the biggest and most important reason -you really see the impact of your days on bigger goals. If you're not motivated or not a saver, seeing your totals creep up can get you in gear. That gift card that took you four months to do? Maybe it's making you realize what else hasn't changed in your life but needs to. How does that prize you thought was impossible to get at the beginning but is now sitting in your house change how you look at your goals? 

On a less philosophical level, it really does add up in your account. I would suggest thinking of a "use" for the money to motivate you to do the small routines. I've seen people use the "small" amounts of money made to pay for rent, playstations, DSLR cameras, and more. Not having to cut into your  normal budget is a really cool benefit.

Do you do microtasks? Why or why not? Let me know (and tell me your secrets!)

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