Why go all in?

Hello blogosphere, I hope you are having an awesome day out there. If not, I hope it gets better for you. (Failing that, watch any last season Sabrina the Teenage Watch and die laughing...)

When I was a kid, and I saw motivational speeches in movies, my thought was: why wouldn't everyone just give go all-in every time? (I know, I was a weird kid). It has taken a bit for me to realize why not to go all in....

...It can be terrible. Immensely terrible to try your hardest and still have it completely not work out. It is much easier to give 99% and say that the 1% "could have made the difference".

Sometimes people are very upfront about this in themselves (how many times did you hear "I did bad, but I didn't try very hard) but others will be more subtle in their self-sabotage. How many people will leave all their studying for the night before a very important test? It's all the same thing, in different forms.

Even if it's much more soul-crushing at points, go all-in. Don't hold back when it comes back to your life. You will meet amazing people doing even more amazing things when you go out at that edge.

Remember you are blessed and keep fighting, Meg