A Real Role Model: Sophia Amoruso

A few months ago, a topic about non-family female role models came up on one of the message boards I read. I was super pumped to read the hundreds of comments, hoping to find tons of powerful women.

Unfortunately, many of the comments were about fictional women TV characters: Jess from New Girl, Olivia Pope on Scandal, and Claire from House of Cards kept coming up.

For weeks after, I've been thinking about that post. Today, I have a real role model to share and inspire. Sophia Amoruso: A #GirlBoss who went from being fired to CEO of a company of 200 employees in only 7 years.

#GirlBoss Review
#GirlBoss Review

To be honest, I was extremely super skeptical towards #GirlBoss. I love personal development books, but I felt it was going to just be a cash-grab from the recent influx of "Lean In" mania. (Sidebar: This article about conferences for 'powerful women' in New York Magazine is very interesting). Plus, although I had heard of Nasty Gal, the site never really appealed to me.

I am 100% in love with this book. Sophia's secret to success is plain old hard work. Unlike many other successful people, she doesn't attribute her career to "lucky accidents" or coincidences; she made it happen herself. She was the one churning out customer service letters, editing photos for hours, and sifting through thrift shops.

My most favorite section is when she talks about how sometimes she wakes up feeling like she didn't choose this life. Sophia then corrects herself, saying every choice she made was a step towards this future. She didn't have to go on web shows or to Venture Capitalist meetings...but she did. She didn't have to even start an Ebay store as a side business to pay her rent...but she did. All of her small choices added up to one big choice for her life. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that we are in control each day of what we do.

The book is a really quick read, but I highlighted so many passages. Sophia's message of taking control of your own life and choices is amazing and I highly recommend it. Whether or not you plan on creating a business, it is Sophia's philosophy that will inspire you to choose your life.