Friday Inspiration: I'm Aggravated About...What?

A few years ago, a friend gave me a popular motivational/self-help book that she had loved. She described it as having great tips on a ton of topics, so I was pretty excited to read it.

I loved the organizational tips, but I was so aggravated by the lifestyle tips. The worst one was the tip to cut out any friends who "aren't directly helping you in your mission". Okay, so basically cut out anyone I can't use? Really?

I was so annoyed with the tone of the author and put the book down. My friend was surprised when I told her about the parts I disliked.

Now, looking back, I have realized that you should examine any time you have those crazy strong reactions. I was so aggravated because, in this case, it ended up being so true.

Only a few months later, I had to completely cut a close friend out of my life.

This person was not only not a part of my mission, but actively discouraging my progress and growth. The author had been completely right. Looking back, it's only too easy to see that I reacted strongly because I knew I was in a bad situation.

At that time, I wasn't ready to deal with it. I was only ready to get defensive and angry with the truth.

What are you aggravated about now? Why?