Friday Inspiration: You don't need anyone's permission

Today, I got the second installment of Jeff Goin's newsletter and one section in particular stood out to me:

"Writer. The word just felt so intimidating to me. But then one day a friend asked me what my dream was. When I told him it was to be a writer, he said, "You don't have to want to be a writer. You are a writer; you just need to write."'

I have been thinking about this concept a lot: You don't need anyone's permission.
Are you waiting for someone to tell you to...

Create a business?
Change your mind?
Write that book?

I'm not going to lie and say that it doesn't ever happen. Some people are blessed with supportive frameworks that do give people that extra push. We hear these breathless tales of entrepreneurs almost being forced against their wills to create multi-million dollar businesses. Or authors told  "You're a great writer! You should really write a book about this!"

There's a natural order to the world. The world will give you a sign that it's time. Right?

Personally, I think it's more exciting to create your own signs: to find your own opportunities and give yourself permission to create (even when you're not ready). Progress > perfection. 

You don't need to be perfect or "allowed" before you show the world your stuff.

And if you do still feel like you need some permission, I am giving it to you.

Create. Change. Write. LIVE.