Get $135 for Makeup in Only 1 Year

I used to be a drugstore makeup girl, picking up a mascara here and there. I don't know if you've looked around lately, but drugstore is getting pretty expensive relative to mid-end makeup! A holiday or value set on sale can net you a ton of high-quality goodies for less! Still, you need to have that money saved up and ready to pounce. Here are my best tips to pump up your makeup budget:

1. Sign up for Sephora's Beauty Insider Program. Even if you don't imagine spending any money at Sephora right now, there are free offers throughout the year:

* Free Birthday Gift: has ranged from Philosophy bath soaps to a mini lipstick and mascara. It may not be a ton of makeup, but it's always fun to pick up some makeup for free!

* Free $15 for Beauty Insiders in November sale: This is (hopefully) coming up very soon! Sephora normally offers a free $15 to beauty insiders for one sale period. 

2. Sign up for Bing Rewards, and change your search engine to Bing. Don't forget to change it on your phone, too! (Google "your phone change search engine" if you aren't great with changing settings on your own). 

For every search, you earn a little more than a cent. You can then redeem for $5 Sephora giftcards!

I know that may not sound like a lot, but it really is no more work than changing your browser and occasionally checking in. I earned enough for two giftcards while on vacation! (Ie, not even looking at how many searches I had done)! 

If you really want to maximize your cash, make sure to "max out" all your searches before the end of the day. Check your Dashboard before midnight to make sure you are finished! This is about $5/two weeks, so a sweet $120/year for little to no work!

A word of warning: Do not try to sign up for a ton of accounts. Each Bing Rewards must be verified by phone. If you do get around it somehow, Bing actively bans accounts that engage in abusive behavior.