How to Fill out ATT & Red Bull Class Action Settlements

Have you heard about the red bull drink class action settlement in the news? You may have heard about friends getting cash reimbursement, but how does it work?

Basically, companies have presented misleading claims or failed to notify, and have been sued for by consumers. After losing their case, these companies now have to pay a small amount to each person impacted.
This all sounds a lot scarier than it usually is. Basically, for filling out a short form, you can get a small check or cash reimbursement 8-10 months later. I'm not saying it's going to be the biggest money in the world...but why not get what is yours while watching Scandal?

There are two big class action settlements right now:
Here are my tips:
1. Fill out the form as soon as possible. Many settlements are only open for a matter of months. Just fill it out as soon as you hear about it. It won't be around forever, and it's not a big or hard enough deal to put it on your to-do list!

2. Don't try to game the system. While some people are subscribed to daily or monthly alerts about these settlements, the amounts are usually low and for very specific groups of people (women in Ohio who bought from Sephora). Not worth it! Instead, I listen to news and subscribe to general freebie sites like Hunt4freebies that will advertise the largest to find the ones that work.

3. Be patient: I waited almost a year to get a $5 check from a class action settlement. This is the opposite of a get rich quick scheme!

Are you impacted by these settlements? Will you be applying for the reimbursement?