Look Book Live Event hosted by GQ and Glamour Magazine

Today, I headed to the local mall to check out the Look Book Live event hosted by GQ and Glamour Magazine. The event promised an "interactive trend showcase from the style pros at GQ and Glamour, offering an insider's scoop on all the hottest looks this season." Look book live events are still being held in Charlotte, Atlanta, San francisco, so check that link to get more details!

My friend and I got to the mall a bit earlier than the event, so we checked out the new David's Tea. I used to really like Teavana, but fewer teas seemed worth the $$ in the past year. David's Tea is a similar concept, selling loose-leaf tea, to-go tea, and tea accessories. We were able to sample both the Snickerdoodle and the apple spice flavor in the cutest mini glasses. Unlike Teavana, David's Tea doesn't add additional sugar to its sampling teas. Also, the glasses were a definite upgrade from Teavana's paper cups! I ended up taking home a few ounces worth of Snickerdoodle and signing up for their free Rewards program, so I will be back soon to David's Tea!

When we got back to the Look Book Live event, there was a decent sized runway set up. The two experts from Glamour and GQ introduced the brand of each look as the model went down. Generally, I think the concept was cool but the models went super fast down the runway! I had my camera ready, and was still only able to get a few shots.

Simon Malls Look Book Live
Love the skirt!
Simon Malls Look Book Live
Blue Steel, baby.
In terms of the clothes, the new clothes were very simple and beautiful. Think rich reds, blues, grays, and blacks. According to the experts, this is not the season for neon or flashy hardware! I appreciated the fact that most of the clothes could be worn to work. (Is it just me or do most local fashion shows really focus on prom, wedding, and clubbing dresses???)

There were also a few makeup artists on hand, using makeup from Sephora to give people a fresh new look, and popup shops. There was a small sitting area with white couches, where you could browse magazines. My only criticism would be that the entire event seemed to be unnecessarily boxed into a really small area. I bumped into the male models a few times, ahahah! ;)

Simon Malls Look Book Live
You might want to double-click to make this cutie's pic larger :)
Last but not least, by taking a picture at the event, you are also entered in a contest for a $2500 shopping spree to the mall. Of course, I had to enter! There's also a promotion that if you Instagram any item #foundatsimon, you can win $500. Pretty good for entering a contest on social media!

Overall, the event was interesting to see the major trends for fall. I really liked the event as an add-on to an existing mall trip. Looking forward to more events at Simon Malls!