Review: Casio Calculator Watch CA53W

I've gotten a bit obsessed with watches and finding unique ones to spice up an outfit. After accruing a few Amazon gift cards from Bing & HitPredictor, I picked up a Casio Men's CA53W Calculator Watch (currently $13 on Amazon). (Click on any of the pictures to make it bigger)

Casio Calculator Watch CA53W
Purely for the joke factor alone, it is pretty awesome. I love how unexpected it looks to be wearing this super 80's watch with an otherwise modern outfit. In this age of $350+ smartphones, you can get a pretty awesome look for just $13.

Casio Calculator Watch CA53W
The watch strap is surprisingly comfortable and adjustable. I had low expectations due to the price, but I've forgotten I've had it on. Since the warranty only covers a small amount of water in daily use (basically washing your hands and/or rain), I just have to remember to take it off before showering, etc.

In terms of actual programming abilities, it is a bit tricky. Since it's a dual manual, a lot of the directions are wonky and without pictures. (If you do get this watch, make sure you have a small stick or something to prod the right side of it). I also ran into trouble hitting the calculator buttons; after 10 minutes of mashing the "2" button, I gave up and programmed it as the 15th, rather than the 25th of September. Oh well, who needs a 2 anyway??
Casio Calculator Watch CA53W

Anyway, I am really loving this watch! If you are in the market for a new watch to spice things up, this is definitely worth it!

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