Sunday Night Wrap up

I have been driving my family and friends crazy with my excitement for Gone Girl. Within 50 pages of reading Gone Girl, I was imagining Ben Affleck as the sketchy husband Nick Dunne. Once I heard he was cast, along with one of my all-time favorite directors, I was so pumped. I cautiously watched the trailer and looked forward to Oct 3. After seeing it this weekend, I am happy to report that Gone Girl exceeded all my (admittedly high) expectations. If you liked the book, I think you'll find it pretty close in tone. If you didn't read the book, you're in for a ride...don't spoil yourself by watching trailers or reading more reviews!

I just finished Busted: I really picked this up on a whim because it was set in Philadelphia....I was really missing the city of brotherly love and just checked it out. It's about two reporters (basically Wendy Ruderman) who uncover corruption in the police force. The writing is really quick-I got through most of it in a couple of hours this weekend-and really gets you hooked. Unfortunately, I checked out the results of this case before finishing it. (I really don't recommend that). Overall, if you're interested in true crime, I think this is a good, quick read.

These Serious Eats Garlic Knots are great: Monkey bread has been a staple in my family for a while now, and this technique for pull-apart bread in a cast-iron actually improves on it. I tried this "cheesy" style with nutritional yeast and it worked perfectly. Letting the bread rest for 3-4 hours and using a margarine-soaked pan really makes a world of difference (to my waistline, ha!).

Last thing-check out & enter my Kate Spade giveaway! You can either enter through the Rafflecopter or Instagram; I will be collecting them all together and doing the draw with I can't wait to give these two planners to a home!
Hope you are doing well. Let me know what you've been up to in the comments. XOXO, Meg

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