They're Going to Get Old & Gray

How has your week been? Let me know and I will you how mine went...

Yesterday, I tried this recipe for stuffing egg cups. I love stuffing at Thanksgiving, so I was all over trying this. Basically, you mix together 6 eggs, 2 tablespoons cheese (I used Trader Joe's fake moz because I'm allergic), little bit of pepper, and a box of stuffing. Put in muffin tin for 40 minutes at 325. I love all breakfast foods, but this is amazing!

I've been listening non-stop to Hoodie Allen's single, "Act My Age" from his new album "People Keep Talking". I went to the same school as Hoodie, and I saw him perform at my school my sophomore year. It's crazy to see how he went from being "the guy who raps in the background at frat parties" to Number 2 on Itunes in only 4 years. Honestly, I prefer his old stuff (No Sleep in Brooklyn and You Are Not a Robot) but this song is pretty good. 

In case you missed my post, I just finished #Girlboss, and loved it! 

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