5 Things to Do This Week for a More Productive Week

1. Clear your email inbox. Start your week off right by taking care of any lingering emails on Sunday night.

2. Clean your makeup brushes/area. This will make applying your makeup more pleasant, but it is also a HUGE time saver in the morning. Instead of digging through makeup bags, set out what products you plan to use this week.

3. Prepare 2 lunches. After a bad Monday, the last thing you may want to do is prepare another meal after dinner. Instead, plan for success by doubling the proportions on Sunday.

4. Message or call a few friends. Sunday nights can be blah, but talking to a friend can turn your mood around. Even if you haven't heard from them in a while, give them a shout.

5. Create a list of goals for the week. Make sure to include a few stages of your longer-term goals, too. If you have always wanted to learn a language, what steps can you take this week to achieve it?