How Do I Create an Awful Playlist?

Many people set out to create the "most epic" party playlists imaginable. I'm not going to do that today. Instead, let's explore the world of truly awful playlists. I myself have tons of experience creating terrible mixtapes and playlists for family and friends:

1. Completely forget about music preferences. It doesn't matter who is listening--you want to educate your friends and family! Put all your favorite artists on that disc and brush off those "hater gonna hate" comments about it!

2. Alternate fast and slow songs. Variety on your disc will help keep the party hopping. It's basically party equilibrium-if people dance too much to one song, "A Moment Like This" will calm that atmosphere right down.

3. Consider a theme not based on mood of the music. People will really be impressed by your ability to link songs together. The more obscure, the better! You'll have something to talk about when handing over that prized disc.

4. Don't put titles and artists on the disc. True music discovery happens through Google, not through Sharpie on a disc!

5. Ignore length of songs for the greater purpose of your disc. Starting off the 8 minute LCD Soundsystem song helps ensure the right introduction to your playlist.

That's all I have for today! Give me your tips for truly awful playlists!