Let Your Freak Flag Fly With Productivity

I knew a girl when I was in college who would always sit in on classes she didn't take. At first, I thought it was an attempt to soak up more knowledge; maybe that advanced math course was helping her somehow with her physics degree?

Nope! She told me that she was always much more productive when she was SUPPOSED to be doing something else. While the professor talks about math, she would have some of the most productive time of her day. 

A little weird, but it worked super well for her, as she graduated with a 3.9!

In my own way, I would do this too. If I had a really important paper and a lot of smaller assignments coming up in the next few weeks, I would start with the smaller assignments. After a few hours, I would either have completed them all (leaving the way for my paper to be completed) or feel like I should prioritize my time to do the larger assignment. Either way, I had gotten started and used that momentum to keep going! I would caution to only use this trick when you have enough time to do everything--you just don't feel motivated at that exact moment to get it done. If you are on a time crunch, by all means, focus on the most important activity first.

Whatever method (even if it seems crazy or against "study habits" guides) works for you, use it! Take note of the best times of the day for you, and best areas. Maybe a physics classroom would be better for you than a library...or maybe 5-9 am is when you get the most done. 

Just as important, take note of what does not work for you. Maybe it's great for everyone else to start their day at the library to catch up on a little bit of work each day...when really, you thrive on long amounts of uninterrupted time at night. Try to schedule your less important tasks in these less productive times and you will soon start feeling like your day has much more time!

What is your "odd" to do list strategy?