Makeup Rehab: Stage 2

The next installment of makeup rehab is here!!

No matter how much you have, lay out all your makeup. At this point, we are just looking at what we have...don't throw anything out just yet!

Now, you have some options: take a picture, create a Google Doc spreadsheet, or something else visual to remind you of your stash.

Next, start adding how much you have spent on makeup. Remember Sephora (check BI points if you usually pay in cash, Ulta, drugstore purchases (check your debit card statements), individual brands (Urban Decay, etc), Nordstrom Rack, Nordstrom, QVC, HSN, Amazon, the mall, indie companies, & anywhere else you buy supplies. Add it all up. Personally, I thought my makeup spending was close to my Sephora level. Nope! Most of my spending had been at other outlets, so I was really fooling myself. Even the small amounts I spent on nail polish (75% off Revlon with a coupon!!) added up!

Shocked, too?? Keep this in mind whenever the mood strikes you to dive on a sale or do retail therapy. You have enough makeup...If you don't appreciate what you have, how will more help?