Review: Nightcrawler

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to see a free advanced screening of Nightcrawler. This movie has been endlessly hyped, with a ton of trailers and early reviews, so I was super pumped. Also, Jake Gyllenhaal movies are usually pretty good. Free movie, how bad can it be?

Actually pretty awful.

I don't regret going to the advance screening (you have to try!) but the movie was poorly executed on all fronts. I ended up leaving 30 minutes in!!

It starts with Jake's acting choices. He plays a creepy monster who acts like a creepy monster. Not very exciting and nowhere to really go in the movie if he starts at maximum 'creepy'. It's always more interesting to have a villain who seems "reasonable" or "normal". It's true horror to realize what so called "normal" people are capable of. Anyone who met Jake's character in real-life would have been creeped out immediately with the "Gee, Ms. Polly" intonations! Not very interesting.

The other thing that stood out to me was the poor direction. I normally only notice when direction is great-an awesome frame or a unique style. Unfortunately, Nightcrawler didn't work for me. Even if the director was going for an amateurish camera view to reflect the movie's main character's skills, it really took me out of the movie in a bad way.

Finally, the dialogue in the 30 minutes I watched was really unfortunate. There are a ton of negotiation scenes that take up 1-3 minutes of your life at a time. If you like seeing people haggle at a garage may love this?

So, yes, I decided I'd rather do something else than watch the last 2/3 of the movie. Sunk cost is lost, people! When I'd rather watch a repeat of Parks and Rec than finish the movie, the choice is clear for me.