What to Do Two Days Before A Vacation

Two days before a vacation, there are a few things you want to make sure to do before packing:

1. Charge all your devices and batteries. Although you may have the best of intentions to charge right before you leave or overnight, avoid any unnecessary stress and charge now. This way, you can just safely pack in the majority of your devices rather than stuffing them into your suitcase last. If your rechargeable battery doesn't work, you still have time to calmly buy it the next day.

2. Download anything you'll need for the trip. This may mean important documents or textbooks to study, or just a season of your favorite television show. I can't tell you how many friends have told me about long plane or bus rides with nothing to do. Packing took longer than expected, wireless internet didn't work, or the download encountered an error.

3. Print out your itinerary and tickets. Again, if your printer decides it is quitting today, you can still go to a public library or a friend's house to print everything out. I am normally anti-printing, but having a hardcopy of these documents will make your life better.

4. Separate your essential makeup/hair products. Then, the day before the trip, you can make sure you didn't miss anything by using only those products! If you are normally do your makeup early in the morning and are not a morning person, this will really save you those emergency drugstore stops!

5. Prep for the first day back from your vacation. This will give you a lot of peace of mind during your vacation. Do whatever you need so that you aren't stressed your first day back. If you are travelling again, you may want to set out the items you will be switching in your bag. If you have an important meeting, you may want to put out your outfit, accessories, and notes. Your future you will thank you!

What are your tips?