3 Things I Am Grateful For

"Gratitude lists" are probably one of the most studied topics in positive psychology. According to the "founder" of the movement, Martin Seligman of University of Pennsylvania, listing three things you are grateful for is one of the few things proven to help bring about a more positive attitude.

So, in that spirit, I wanted to share some of the things I am grateful for today (beyond the usual family, friends):

1. New to me music: I'm obsessed with Sledgehammer, Overcomer & Sunscreen lately...

2. Social media accounts devoted to positive thinking and inspirational quotes: I am a cheese at heart and love @TimFargo, @Russell Simmons, & @Thomas Oppong

3. The free Chrome extension that helps you learn language as you browse. This extension is the bomb.com for learning. I love it!

What are you grateful for today?