5 Ways To Get Into the Holiday Spirit

1. Send a holiday card to a friend. It seems like a such small thing, but it really helps to spread some joy! Bonus points if the card is "out there"!

2. Volunteer your time or money to a cause you care about. One word of caution: December is often one of the busiest times for "one off" volunteers, so you may want to just get into contact now to start in January. 

3. Christmas music on Pandora: I, too, am all about that bass...but nothing spreads Christmas cheer like singing loud for all to hear!! Plus, Meghan Trainor has a great Christmas single out! 

4. Look through photos of Christmas past. You'll soon realize how precious this Christmas is when you look back at who is no longer with you.

5. Search for the best Christmas lights in your neighborhood. Seen a great house on your drive home from work? Take the time to drive past and appreciate it!