Makeup Rehab: How Do I Stop Spending So Much on Makeup?

You find yourself checking out with $50 worth of makeup at CVS...or $50 in your cart at Sephora "just to get free shipping!!". How do you stop the makeup binge?

Some binges are unavoidable. Sometimes, after a stressful situation, buying makeup can be better than buying food (money wasted and waistline expands...) or something bad for you. These are some tips to reduce the pain of that inevitable time you break your no/low buy.

1. Make sure you have seen swatches of all of these items. There are no excuses for not at least googling swatches of whatever you are purchasing, or looking up reviews on makeupalley. Avoid yourself the time and hassle of a return!

2. Make sure each of these items are things you have at least thought about buying. Are these items or your wishlist? or are they just random items that you have seen online or in a tutorial? Be honest about whether you have ever thought about the items as purchases before.

3. Think of what else you could do with the money. Would you rather...go out to lunch? work one hour less of overtime? or something else? think about how many hours you have to work to get the makeup you are thinking about purchasing.

What are your best tips?