Measure in Love

"You can't manage what you don't measure".

During my work in sustainability, I often hear the quote above about water supplies or energy usage in a developing country. Today, after reading another "year in review" post on Facebook, I thought how true this is for life.

Looking back on a year, I am often tempted to think back about the "flashy" things: cool events I've been to or places I've traveled to. I think about amazing lunches and great movies. I keep track of these things to not only remember, but also to push myself to try new things.

In the past year, I have realized how much more could be measured and managed. How do you measure a year? In inches? In miles? In laughter in stride?


Yes, I just went full RENT on you, guys. (No apologies)

A video on Facebook or Google Plus will show moments, but it won't show you love. For me, it doesn't show the long-distance friend who supported me so much this year. You won't find a single picture of our late-night facebook chats.

Realizing and being grateful for my friends and family has caused me to try to reinvest so much more. I don't take anyone's love for granted anymore.

Are you measuring your life in love?