Review: Matisse Cutouts at MoMA

Matisse Cutouts at MoMA
Matisse Cutouts at MoMA
Last Monday, I was so excited to check out the Matisse Cutouts exhibit at MoMA in New York City. MoMA is one of the best museums on earth (especially if you love modern art) and it's full of the most famous pieces of modern art. As a New Yorker, it's great to be able to take in parts of the museum at a time, rather than try to rush through the whole thing at once.

That said, the admission fee ($25 per person and sometimes more for special exhibits) can be steep on a post-grad budget. For this trip, I found out about my library's museum pass program. Through this program, I was able to borrow a member pass and get special privileges to MoMA (no timed entrance and a discount for the gift shop). For $0 out of pocket, I was able to get a friend and me into this special exhibit!

If you live around a museum, see if your library has a similar program. If not, suggest a museum pass program yourself! In fact, from my work in high school at my local library, I know this is how many new programs are don't be shy! 

On to the exhibit...Although I've seen some of Matisse's cutouts, I usually only saw one or two in one museum at a time. This exhibit shows hundreds of pieces together and gives a completely different impression of the artist's work. 

The show is extremely well curated: the information presented alongside is interesting and concise. I also liked that the artist was shown as more of a commercial "wheeler-dealer" (describing how he changed his commissions to better suit his clients' preferences) than an artist working in a vacuum. 

Overall, the exhibit was excellent and I highly recommend it! 

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