The time will pass anyway...

If you are experiencing a setback or a difficult process, you have to trust in the end result. If you worry about spending all your free time on something, just remember that time will pass anyway.

This is not about neglecting your family or other responsibilities to chase after windmills. It's about those times where we think: "I could have watched Modern Family for as much result as I've had with this so far!".

You could have watched Modern Family. Then, your only possible result would be having watched a series. (Should this be our highest and best calling?) On the other hand, riskier ventures also come with failure and difficulty along with a chance of higher reward and happiness.

Don't settle for what "the average person" can do; think about what is your own best effort. Can you accomplish your personal this week? this month? this year?

End this year strong with the final two weeks. I know you have it in you.