Things That Aren't Gifts

With the holidays comes the inevitable, never-ending gift idea suggestions on my blogroll. While we can all probably spend a few hours picking out presents for people we know and love, here are some things that are not gifts. Nope, not in any way shape or form:

1. An item that requires "work": If the person hasn't indicated a real need for a beginner's kit to a hobby, don't saddle them with it! Gifts should be fun, not another thing to deal with.

2. A gift that (only) you would like to receive: This is an easy one to get caught up in. It's not the Golden Rule, people! Think about what the recipient would actually appreciate.

3. Half of a gift: This applies to anyone giving to a friend with a December/January birthday AND to people who give "starter" presents. If the recipient has to pay more money to get the gift going, it's not a good gift.

4. Gifts that are too young: Giving gifts to kids is hard. Giving a teenager a gift meant for someone in grade school is just bad news all around. (Put down the High School Musical board game!)

5. Books/DVDs/CDs: Unless the person has indicated the person wants that item, don't get it for them. Even if the item is 100% perfect and the recipient loves it, that person may already have it...or be waiting for a different version (Blu-ray or special editions, maybe?).

What are the worst gifts you given or received? Did they fall under this list?