Ultimate Key to the Cause Right Here

One of my favorite songs is Underneath by Alanis Morissette. The basic gist of the song is that these larger symptoms of inequality and injustice start with our own lives. In other words, don't be a hypocritical activist involved in changing everyone's lives but your own. 

Since I have become involved in environmental activism, it is sometimes striking to see people divorce their "outside activism" with their own daily life. At an environmental rally I went to, Bill McKibben (of 350.org) even argued that universities and business should divest rather than making personal changes. He had given himself and the audience permission to be as wasteful or anti-environmental in their own life, as long as they rallied for larger change.

This is not to say I am perfect or do everything right (environmentally or otherwise). It's just a reminder to keep focused on being the best person and best force of "net good" in the world you can be.