Why Do I Need to Show Up?

It's funny how sometimes things all seem to come together at the same moment, isn't it? As I was about to start my post about consistent practice and habits, I read through this great article that says to "Just show up". It is the darkest moments that even showing up can feel impossible.

It can seem like there is no point to try for this or for that, as our chances of getting it now seem so low. What is the point of studying Italian if I can't understand the beginner's tape? Why go to this event for networking when it didn't work out last time? Why should I even try something new? 

That is all fixed mindset: there is no point to trying now because you won't get what you want at your current skill set. Implicitly, you are saying there is no value in practice with this fixed mindset.

A growth mindset sees the first day of practice as just the first practice for better days ahead. You may not win a match for months even, but it doesn't really matter *right now*. By consistent and dedicated practice, you will slowly be improving. 

The trick is you need to trust in this process.

I once heard the idea described in Mass that martyrs "give a dollar" when they give their life to the Lord, while the rest of us have to make do with giving pennies at a time throughout our life. In other words, most people should look to the "smaller" actions of the everyday. How can each person improve how they "show up" to the Lord, their family, their friends, their work? 

Write down your priorities. Who do you need to show up for everyday?