5 Tracks for an Upbeat 2015

I love creating soundtracks for periods in my life. I am super excited and ready for this year to be amazing. Here's what I'm currently playing:

Last Five Years: Moving Too Fast
Before the movie with Anna Kendrick comes out, check out this track from the original off-Broadway cast. This is a great song for when you are feeling overwhelmed (in a great way!)

Charli XCX: Break The Rules
For those who like their inspiration in the trashy, "I do what I want, not what others expect me to do" way.

Mandissa: Overcomer
On the opposite spectrum of Charli is this inspirational, preachy feel-good track about overcoming challenges. 

Mary Lambert: Secrets
I love this track about accepting yourself and your flaws.

Lenka: Anything I'm Not
When you want to make changes in your life, you may have to accept what you are not able to do yet.

What are you listening to now?