Is Italki a scam?

I first found about italki when looking for ways to tutor online. I really enjoyed tutoring throughout college, so tutoring online seemed like a natural fit. After reading that I could set my own hours and talk to people around the world, I applied to the site to be a teacher.

My first teaching experience with italki was really fun. The student was learning English to teach her daughter, so our conversation was focused around items for a toddler: straws, dolls, and play-doh! I could hear her daughter during the Skype call, so it was really cool to help from across the world!

Each conversation since has been a surprise.  I had a great conversation with a man from Korea who happened to love Broadway musicals as much as I do! I also talked to a man about soccer in Peru during the World Cup.

Initially, I was worried that I wouldn't get paid or that the conversation would get awkward. I have been paid with no problem, and there has always been a lot to talk about during the sessions! If all else fails, I talk about how he or she is learning English.
If you want to teach a language on italki, make sure you have a great introduction video! Speak slowly and talk about your interests. This will make it easier for students to find a great match. 
On the flip side, if you are interested in really learning a language, you really need to speak with a native speaker. You can ask questions you may be afraid to ask your formal language teacher, and gain confidence. Italki is also really easy to use, and very inexpensive for the value.
In total, italki is not a scam. You won't necessarily earn the big bucks for tutoring, but it can be a lot of fun!