My New Jimmy Choo Perfume!

I was so excited to receive a really generous gift from a personal friend to Lord and Taylor's. I don't have much need for brand new clothes (hello, thrift shop!) but I had been eyeing (smelling?) a new scent.
Since the beginning of college, I've had the same perfume, and "smell". I still really enjoy the scent, but I have been looking to switch it up after 5 years!
Enter Jimmy Choo's new scent. It is light, and not too floral/grandma-y. I also like that it is a good everyday scent; I could wear this out to a nice dinner or to work.

Plus, have you seen the bottle? So pretty. (Don't act like it doesn't matter!)

I also received this really cool python bag as a GWP. Since a friend really wanted a large train case -ish bag, I decided to pass it on. Why not?
What is your scent? How has it changed throughout the last few years?