Recipe: How to Make Onsen Tamago (hot spring eggs)

I made food based off an internet comment...

...and it turned out AMAZING!

Inspired by this Reddit comment, I made hot Spring Eggs twice this past week! Here are my personal directions for making these cheap, easy, but slow snacks!

Onsen Tamago (hot spring eggs)
1. Bring about 4 cups of water to a boil.
2. Run 2 eggs per person under warm (not boiling) water.
3. Drop eggs in, boil for exactly 6 minutes and 15 seconds (I used my phone timer to be exact)
4. Prepare an ice bath.
5. Drops eggs into the ice bath
6. Pour soy sauce into a quart or gallon size ziploc.
7. After 10 minutes in the ice bath, peel the eggs, and drop into the ziploc with soy sauce.
8. Wait 2.5 hours.
9. Enjoy the eggs alone or in soup!

Tell me if you end up trying it!